College Planning for the Middle and
High Income Families

"How to Get Admitted to Your Dream College and How to make it affordable"


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Three Simple Steps

To the college of their dreams

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    We teach students how to get into the college of their choice and teach parents how to pay for college without going broke or risking retirement.

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    We utilize our extensive resources and knowledge of admissions and the financial aid system to maximize parent’s financial aid and merit aid aw

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    We show parents options and the best means to maximize their financial situation for the college years, so they can afford the best college without too much sacrifice.

We Will
Show You

How to get grants and scholarships for your child that will help you maintain your lifestyle, save for retirement and still send your child to the best university they can get into. Click here to see what parents & students think about our work.



We help your student get into the best possible school for them.


Financial aid

We navigate the academic financial aid systems for you.


College funding

We show you the best means to maximize your financial situation.

Sounds good,
now what?

The next step is to attend one of my workshops or webinars. This is 90 minutes of expert advice on college planning and what you need to do to make the transition an easier one. I will also provide you with strategies that will save you over $10,000 a year and avoid pitfalls that will cost you thousands of dollars in FREE MONEY FROM THE COLLEGE OR GOVERNMENT.

College planning abc

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College Planning ABC's Guide To Finding Scholarships, Financial Aid and Free Tuition Awards For College


College Planning ABC did more than just guide me through the college application process. It fought for the best financial options they could get for me, and the reassurance of having people on my side who knew what they are doing helped me to stay calm. In the end, I received with over $15,000 in scholarships and grants to attend UC Berkeley this fall as a Linguistics major.

Manuel was always friendly and listened sincerely to the problems I had, whether it was about my unique residential status or about formats and grammar in my application essays and resume. I am so glad that I heard about this organization; it was completely worth the money! 



As being new and inexperienced parents to college planning we were lost and had virtually no idea of where to go and where to start. You have put our minds at ease and showed us the best way to send our two kids to college We are amazed of the knowledge and expertise that you have given us, even our CPA wants to work with you! He was very impressed with your ideas on how to save money and have the IRS help pay for some of it. You should do taxes!

Thanks to you we are going to be able to pay for our kids’ that we had in mind and you showed us how to pay off our home 10 years earlier while still paying for college.You are a Genius!!

S. Porter


Thank you so much for helping us out. We were concerned about the cost of college for my daughter, Jasmine. She is going to her school of choice, UC Davis. She will be attending in the fall and the cost was going to well over $22,000 for the year. By using your services our family contribution went down from $16,542 to $10,047. We saved over $6,495 per year; this means that we are saving $25,980 over the next four years. This also means that we are sending our daughter to UC Davis for 4 years, but really only paying for 3 years. Your services have really put my mind at ease about how to pay for college and we are looking forward to even saving more money with the ideas that you are sharing with us. We are definitely glad that we had met you and are using your services. We would like refer you anyone that is interested in saving thousands off the cost of college. Thank you so much for you guidance and help with paying for college.

Flor Pante